Our bussiness


Based on the customer’s loyalty,  thorough quality management and adaptive productive capacity, U&B Corporation has grown day by day. Our vision, being a global leading fashion enterprise, central-embassy-498560will come true supported by our factories in China and Vietnam, more than 30 subcontract factories, various sales routes. 

Manufacturing - A plenty of experiences of manufacturing clothes for more than 15 years.  Our products and delivery have always satisfied our valuable customers.

Trading - Various business with local and international customers.  From stock to the newest, we will find the source of demand.

R&D - One of the busiest team in U&B. They constantly play an active part in fashion fairs in the world including Shanghai Textile, Canton Fair, Las Vegas Magic and etc. Based on their research, we find the finest design and most abundant market in the world.


We are providing the newest oversea information surveyed by our oversea branches, cost minimization consulting service for everyone who wants to extent its business abroad





sampling, sourcing of raw materials, approval of details, pre-production meetings.

production processes from receiving all materials including fabric, and producing garments through cut & sew process.

finishing processes, quality checks, packing, shipment inspection etc.


Trading / Distribution


Diversify production base

Proximity to major markets such as the U.S, China

Maximize free trade benefits.



coming soon

Research & Development


Conduct research, analyze market trends based on customer’s needs. 

Collaborate with over 20 textile factories For best results, we attend worlds fairs -

  • Las Vegas Magic
  • Shanghai Textile
  • Paris Premiere Vision